Aggressively Advocating For Your Rights, Reputation And New York Driver's License

At the Law Office of Lorenzo Napolitano, our DUI/DWI clients tend to fall into two categories — suspects who know they've done something wrong, are willing to learn from that mistake and determined never to repeat it; and those who feel that police were in error for stopping, testing and arresting them.

First-time DUI offenders should know that this abrupt interruption of your life is not the end of the world. Lorenzo Napolitano will protect your rights in negotiations with prosecutors, and before a judge if necessary, to try to put this crisis behind you, and return your life to normal.

Repeat offenders deserve solid defenses too, as well as means of obtaining help for substance addiction problems that may be contributing to these arrests. Our understanding attorney works energetically and sympathetically to preserve your reputation and driving privileges.

Are you facing suspension or revocation of your New York driver's license after a second or third DUI conviction? Are you the concerned parent of a Rochester-area college student who has been arrested for underage drinking and driving? Are you dealing with additional charges of refusing a breath test at the scene of a drunk driving arrest or accident with injuries?

Lorenzo Napolitano, Esq. — Personal Attention, Proven Results In DUI Cases

As your lawyer, Lorenzo Napolitano explores every avenue that could improve your legal position and eliminate the need for a trial. For example, his many years of DUI defense experience have taught him the many ways that a drunk driving arrest can go horribly wrong — when law enforcement mistakes erratic driving for drunk driving, and misconstrues its probable cause to stop and question you.

Mr. Napolitano is a defense attorney who knows the life-changing consequences you face if convicted of drunk driving. He does everything in his power to help you avoid harsh penalties such as jail, fines, a blemish on your record, strict probation conditions and damage to future job and employment background checks.

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