Drug Crimes

Drug crimes such as possession of marijuana can leave a mark on your record — and put you at risk for harsh punishments such as jail, fines and strict conditions of probation.

An experienced criminal defense attorney can work hard to put this crisis behind you after a drug crime arrest. In Greater Rochester and throughout Western New York, the Law Office of Lorenzo Napolitano offers effective representation and attentive personal service throughout the legal process.

Your arrest for sale, delivery, distribution or trafficking in marijuana, cocaine, prescription drugs or party drugs may have been the result of a violation of your Fourth Amendment rights by law enforcement. Lorenzo Napolitano listens carefully to your side of the story, investigates the circumstances surrounding your arrest and inspects police procedures in case an illegal search and seizure or warrant-less search occurred.

Mr. Napolitano's years of experience have established him as a successful, aggressive advocate for his criminal defense clients in drug cases and after arrests for violent crimes. He also represents college students in the region whose drug arrests and drunk driving stops have jeopardized their academic standing, freedoms and future.

Personal Attention, Proven Results For Rochester, New York, Clients

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