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Has Your Student Been Arrested?

Are you an out-of-state parent who is concerned about your college student son or daughter’s arrest for a serious crime? The law office of Lorenzo Napolitano, Attorney at Law in Rochester can help address your concerns.

Our attorney, Lorenzo Napolitano, has many years of criminal defense experience, extensive knowledge of New York criminal law, of the courts and prosecutors, and the provides personal service to help you deal with these unfortunate types of cases.

Has Your Undergraduate Student Been Arrested For Drug Possession?

Mr. Napolitano knows stakes are high for your minor child after a drug arrest, violent crime arrest or drunk driving stop for underage drinking. He knows the importance of smart defense representation when parents are located far away. He knows the threat of a criminal conviction can pose for your student’s academic standing, funding and scholarships, not to mention job and housing background checks after graduation.

Most important, his track record of success in these cases shows that he knows how to obtain positive results. He has extensive experience with behind-the-scenes negotiations with prosecutors as well as making compelling presentations in court before a judge and jury.

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To speak with a lawyer who can help protect the future of college and university students who are in trouble with the law, contact our law firm for a free initial consultation. Call 585-512-8185 today or send an email message.