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Protecting You From The Penalties Of Domestic Abuse Allegations

An accusation of domestic violence can permanently derail your life. It can damage your time with your children, your relationship with your family and even your career. Whether the state has brought formal charges against you or someone has made an accusation against you, you should get help from an experienced attorney.

For more than 15 years, Lorenzo Napolitano, Attorney at Law, has served clients throughout Rochester who face frightening charges of domestic violence. Mr. Napolitano has a background filled with proven results, including:

  • Dismissed charges
  • Reduced charges
  • Alternative sentencing
  • Mitigated sentencing
  • Acquittals

During this overwhelming time, he devotes personal attention to you. He does everything in his power as a criminal law attorney to investigate the circumstances surrounding your charges, such as whether someone has made a false allegation to gain leverage in a court case. He updates you regularly in plain, straightforward language so you always understand what is happening.

Understanding Domestic Violence Charges In New York

In New York state, domestic violence includes physical or sexual violence by one person against another person with whom they have had an intimate relationship. In addition to romantic partners, this includes relatives or other members of the household. In some cases, domestic abuse also encompasses nonviolent acts such as threats or harassment. The penalties for a conviction vary depending on the severity of the offense and whether it was your first or one of several. Common sentences include fines, anger management classes, probation and incarceration.

Protect Yourself From Serious Penalties

To avoid these serious consequences, contact us to protect your rights. Mr. Napolitano will do everything in his power to shield you from the justice system. We understand that money is a concern during a criminal case, so we offer free consultations. To request yours, please call our office at 585-512-8185 or send us an email.