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Personal Attention For Your Estate Planning Needs

Ben Franklin said, “there are only two certainties in life: death and taxes”. Unless you are a creative accountant, there is likely nothing you can do about taxes. With the help of a knowledgeable attorney, you can take steps to plan for your death and create certainty for your heirs.

At Lorenzo Napolitano Attorney at Law, we believe having a plan in place for your estate can provide you peace of mind today and be a wonderful gift for the loved ones you leave behind. Preparing a will that makes your wishes clear can spare your beneficiaries from numerous legal headaches, freeing them to focus on grieving and caring for one another.

Everyone Needs A Will

Young, old, single, married. Everyone can benefit from having a last will and testament in place. A properly prepared will can provide certainty to executors, beneficiaries, and other interested parties upon your death. Instead of leaving decisions about your financial assets and real property in the hands of government bureaucrats, you can make sure the estate you have worked for is handled according to your wishes.

Comprehensive Estate Planning Solutions

A simple will and other documents such as a durable power of attorney can protect your estate while you are alive and after you pass. Depending on your unique circumstances, you may also benefit from establishing trusts to protect your assets or provide resources for children with special needs. We look forward to creating the right solution for you and your loved ones. Call 585-512-8185 today to schedule a consultation.