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4 common driving behaviors that can lead to a ticket

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2020 | Traffic Tickets

With the number of laws for driving, you may not always be able to keep up with what’s legal and what’s illegal. But like many New Yorkers, you may commit violations without even knowing. Even though you consider these habits normal, the police may not feel the same.

When your driving habits break the law, you might receive tickets and fines that can affect your license. Here are a few habits you may not know are illegal:

  • No blinker when you change lanes – You always need to signal your shift, even if you can’t see any cars directly behind you. If someone is in your blind spot, a blinker can indicate that you plan to turn.
  • Keeping your headlights off in the rain – Even if there is plenty of daylight, you must turn your lights on in the rain. Anytime you have to use your wipers, your headlights should be on.
  • Rolling through a stop sign – New York police will expect your vehicle to come to a complete stop. If you only slow down, you might face charges of running a stop sign.
  • Wearing headphones while driving You cannot have two earbuds or headphones blocking your hearing. To avoid a ticket, one of your ears must be free.

A bad habit can mean stiff consequences

Keeping up with all the laws New York has for drivers can sometimes feel daunting. Some tickets may seem silly or frivolous to you. Others depend more on a police officer’s judgment. Either way, you can face stiff fines and build up points on your license.

Examining your driving habits may help you avoid these consequences.