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6 common reasons police pull people over

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2020 | Traffic Tickets

When you drive the same way every day, you try to stay cautious of the rules of the road. But with the many laws that police enforce on New York highways, you may slip up. So which traffic violation are you most at risk of doing?

On the state website, the New York Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) gathered information for traffic violations between 2014 and 2017. The data shows which infractions receive the most tickets in the state. By understanding what cops look for, you may be able to avoid a citation.

Statistics from the DMV show common violations

According to New York Department of Motor Vehicles, here are some of the most common reasons that cops give drivers traffic tickets:

  • Speeding
  • Running a red light/stop sign
  • Driving without a license
  • Texting and driving
  • Driving without a seat belt
  • Broken headlights

On their own, many of these may seem like minor violations. But when they start to add up, you can face extra punishments. Since each conviction adds points to your license, you can be at risk of additional fines and even a suspended license. And your car insurance premium can go up as well.

You may feel too comfortable driving the same route every day

You don’t expect to get a ticket when you drive on familiar streets. But when you start to get comfortable with the same route, you may pay less attention to the road. And if you’re late for work, you might increase your speed or use your phone to start emailing people. You may feel especially safe doing this if a cop has never pulled you over on your regular commute.

But this sense of comfort can lead to a traffic ticket. And the more tickets you receive, the more you can put your right to drive at risk.

Staying cautious of driving laws can help you avoid a ticket

Police on New York roads will pull over people for traffic violations. Between 2014 and 2017, they issued 14.41 million tickets.

Being aware of the risk may help you avoid a traffic ticket.