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How to fight your traffic ticket

Even if you are a safe and skilled driver, the stress of everyday life can cause your mind to wander, and you may wind up with a traffic citation.

These charges may be worth fighting against. Rather than pleading guilty to a New York ticket, paying the expensive fine and adding points to your license, fighting the case can potentially get you a better deal.

Enter a not guilty plea

A not guilty plea leads to a trial, which could work in your favor. The jury presumes you are not guilty, and the prosecutors must prove their case. A jury will likely be more sympathetic to your situation than a judge or team of prosecutors.

Negotiate for a better deal

Prosecutors may offer you a plea bargain, but they do not have your best interests in mind. For example, some motorists accept the offer of a two-point reduction on a four-point violation and enter a guilty plea. Later, they learn that could have gotten all the points cleared if they had negotiated harder. Patience is key.

Wait for a later trial date

The longer you wait before going to trial, the more advice and evidence you can gather to build your case. Waiting also increases the likelihood that the arresting officer will be absent on the day of the trial. Finally, insurance companies cannot raise your rates until after your case concludes.

With the right strategy, you can avoid going to court altogether. You owe it to yourself to fight the ticket and save yourself time, money and frustration.